The month of September at Fringe was about texture. From a salon perspective, texture is something our professionals work with and manipulate daily to help whomever may be in the chair achieve their desired look. The most obvious and variant form of texture is hair.

Hair texture can be broken down into 6 different types:


Taming each mane is unique and requires different forms of maintenance. While hair on the coarse & curly side requires product to weigh it down, hair on the fine and straight side requires more dry shampoo and volumizer to make it look more full and bouncy. In the diagram below, we have chosen a few products to complement each hair type:


  1. Badlands dry shampoo and styling paste from R&Co. This stuff is great for adding next day texture while reducing grease from second day hair. PLUS it smells amaze.
  2. For super straight hair, we recommend Moroccanoil Texturizing spray. Holding a style with straight hair is particularly difficult because it can hang heavily, forcing gravity to take away the hard work one has put into it. The Texturizing spray will provide more grit to this type of hair, allowing it to last longer.
  3. To bring out and amplify hair’s natural wave, we recommend the Sea Salt Spray from Aquage. It contains salt from the Dead sea, giving hair that effortless “beach to chic”look.
  4. Turn down the static with Pureology’s Smoothing Serum. It helps eliminate frizz while protecting hair against the elements and heat damage.
  5. OK coming from somebody with crazy curly hair, it can be SO unpredictable and has a habit of changing shape with every wash. Twister from R&Co works WITH your curls so they can be more consistent, less frizzy, and not crunchy at all.
  6. Thick, coarse hair becomes dry and damaged more easily than other hair types on this list. To protect this hair from all types of damage and becoming brittle, try the Treatment from Moroccanoil. This Oil helps hydrate and repair hair so that it can stand up to whatever style you decide to rock.