Glossy hair, dewy skin

Glossy Hair

The question we are always asked by clients is “how can I get more shine in my hair?” The answer is: shine enhancing services, heat protection, and conditioning.

Shine enhancing services include glosses, smoothing treatments and conditioning treatments. If your hair looks dull and lackluster, a gloss treatment is the remedy. Glosses are technically haircolor, but they act like a conditioning treatment by smoothing the surface of your hair, adding depth and richness to your color, and extending the life of your hair color and highlights. It’s also a great introduction to hair color for those who never have.

Sometimes it’s the texture of your hair that is making it look dull and fuzzy. Keratin smoothing treatments are the perfect solution for those who struggle with frizz in heat and humidity. Keratin treatments use heat to fuse protein into the hair strands, leaving hair smooth and shiny for up to 3 months.

If you heat style, you must use a heat protectant on your hair- heat styling can damage your hair leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Each product line that Fringe carries has a heat protecting option- ask your stylist which is the best option for you.

Add a conditioning treatment to any service for a dose of moisture and shine. Fringe carries options from Moroccan Oil and Olaplex.

Dewy Skin

Fringe carries Glo skincare, a mineral based approach to facial treatments and make up. The end of the summer is the best time to start addressing sun damage and rough texture. Book a facial to asses what your skin’s specific needs are.

Peels are an awesome way to reveal smoother, clearer skin. Ask your technician what peel series is right for you.

The best way to maintain smooth, glowy skin is sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen is a must for maintaining a healthy, smooth complexion. Glo Minerals make up all contains naturally derived mineral sunscreens to protect and perfect your skin.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and come in to Fringe to shine into fall!