All About Texture and Treatments

Are you tired of feeling like your hair is unmanageable and that frizz always wins? When styling products and hot tools don’t give you the results you’re looking for, a professional smoothing treatment is the next step. Our stylists are trained in the latest techniques and have mastered the ability to work with all hair types. A personal and complimentary consultation with a Fringe stylist will determine the best treatment to help you achieve a great workable style. Check out the different treatments we have to offer below!

Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Keratin Complex

Liquid protein smoothing treatment only treats the exterior cuticle layer of hair. The perfect treatment for someone who has super curly to just frizzy, type 2 wavy and type 3 curly hair. Results acheived will not be straightened, but frizz free. This treatment cuts down blow dry time by 50% and can be air dried for frizz free results.
Takes 2 hours cost $250 results last up to 4 months with proper home care.

Keratin Express

Like the Complex is ideal for those who just have frizzy and irregular large waves, type 2 hair. Will not straighten wave but provide frizz free versatile hair.
Takes 1 hour and price is $125 results last up to 2 months.


Ammonium Thio based i.e. Rusk Anti-Curl

Still a very popular relaxer for curly, type 3, hair that is not kinky or super curly. Internally changes the salt bonds to form straighter hair. Will not leave hair poker straight but will pull out curl to be more manageable. This service is perfect for someone who struggles to keep their hair straight after drying, perfect for a curly hair to fall much looser- Helps with frizz but does not entirely eliminate it like the keratin.
1 hour service, $95 results are permanent, so only new growth needs to be processed during recurring treatments.

Sodium Hydroxide i.e. Mizani Relaxer

This is the usual standard relaxer service for tightly coiled to very kinky, type 4 curl pattern hair. This is a lye relaxer that completely changes the chemical bonds in the hair to form straightened hair. Sodium hydroxide relaxers are perfect for that someone who has very dense and coarse hair along with a tight curl pattern who wishes to have permanently straightened, soft, manageable, and more flexible hair in a timely manner as it is fast acting.
1.5 hour service, $115 that includes a blowout and thermal iron service for silkiest results.

Guanidine Carbonate ie, Phytospecific Relaxer

This is a no-lye relaxer that is gentle, and hydroxide-free relaxing treatment for delicate, fine hair. The egg and soy-based formula is odorless and less irritating as they act as buffers in the relaxing cream for ultimate scalp comfort. No Lye Relaxers are perfect for type 4 curl pattern client with sensitive scalp and normal to finer hair.
1.5 hour service, $135 for a blowout and thermal ironing service as well. Results are permanent.

Thermal Reconditioning Services i.e.  Japanese Relaxers

This is an innovative hair straightening system that promises to transform frizzy, curly, wave and coarse hair into pin-straight hair while preserving the integrity of the hair. This system will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while providing a drastic improvement in hair manageability. Benefits include the time saved each day on not having to fight to dry, wavy or curly hair with a blow dryer and brush. Hair that has been straightened by thermal reconditioning is much quicker to dry. It requires very little attention out of the shower, giving you a professional look with minimal effort. You are also saved from the hassle of fighting frizz from humidity or physical activity.
Treated hair will be permanently straight. Only the new growth will need to be treated (in about 4 to 8 months, depending on growth rate) after the initial service. This system does not contain formaldehyde, -aldehyde or any other formaldehyde releaser. It restructures the hair with “thio” (Ammonium Thioglycolate) which has been safely used in perms for many decades because it is much milder on the hair than lye (Sodium Hydroxide or any equivalent).
A combination of a Thio-based relaxer on the internal structures of the hair along with high levels of Collagen Proteins, Natural Oils, and other proven hair conditioning ingredients on the exterior of the hair all help promote stronger bond to restructure the hair properly, and keeps the hair moisturized and looking vibrant. All of which amounts to incomparably beautiful results: Less Damage, Healthier, Natural-looking, Frizz-free, STRAIGHT, SHINY, SILKY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR.
This is a 4 hour service depending on length and amount of hair at $400.

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