R+Co Concentrates: What they are & Why we Love them

At some point or another everyone reaches a place in their hair care routine when they are in need of a major pick-me-up. Reboot your look with these three new R+Co Concentrates: Gemstone, Dallas and Atlantis. Whether you’re looking to lock in color, add some volume to your look or repair your damaged hair R+Co has a concentrate for you. This in salon treatment improves the overall condition of your hair while each individual formula one targets a different obstacle. 




GEMSTONE: Color Locking Concentrate

 This color locking formula is the perfect add on to any color service. It leaves your hair strong and shiny like a, dare we say it, gemstone. The clinically proven concentrate will leave your color visibly more vibrant for up to 23 washes. 





DALLAS: Thickening Concentrate

This formula lends its name from Texas-style big hair and it will do just that for your locks. One  treatment repairs damaged hair and increases visual fullness by 2x. This treatment is perfect for those with fine or thinning hair. The lightweight formula helps blow up your do with our weighing it down for the perfect “bigger is better” look. 





ATLANTIS: Moisturizing Concentrate

Thirsty? Atlantis is the cold drink of water your hair has been waiting for. Brown Algae extract hydrates  your hair and scalp leaving your hair manageable smooth and soft. One treatment increases moisture levels, repairs hair and combats frizz for up to 4 weeks.