NEW! Brow Henna

Are you sick of penciling in your eyebrows each morning and mindful to not place harmful chemicals on your skin? Have you wanted to try microblading but been intimidated by the permanence? Brow Henna, the new trend in eyebrow tinting, is an 100% plant based, vegan and cruelty free formula. Unlike traditional eyebrow tints there is not ammonia, lead or hydrogen peroxide in henna products. 







How it works?

When you book a Brow Henna appointment one of our estheticians will walk you through the process. After a brief consultation we will mix a shade that will match you your skin tone and hair color. The henna palette comes in 7 different colors which allows us to create a customized brow color suitable for all skin tones. After the Henna is applied to your brows you will sit back, relax and let the henna do its thing. Once dried completely we will remove the henna from your bras and TA DA you will have perfect easy to maintain brows.







Henna coats the hair cuticle making each individual strain or your eyebrow appear thicker and softer. It  also helps strengthen and restore hair growth. This treatment is perfect for those with sparse of over plucked eyebrows.