The Best Way to Exfoliate Your End-of-Summer Skin


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As the buzz of Chicago summer reaches its hazy crescendo, some of us are holding out for the season’s grand finalethe first fall breeze. Until then we’re smack dab in the middle of the dog days, and in a congested city it’s key time of year for congested skin. After all, adjusting to the new realities of our world in 90-degree heat is bound to add some urban grime to your brow. And how do you even get rid of it? Is a sugar scrub REALLY the best way to exfoliate? 

Add on top of that the usual summer enemies (sun damage, dark spots) and there’s a lot going on with your face come late August. Let’s not even get into the recent phenomenon dubbed Maskne, which we’ll dive into as part of a future post 


Mask Life.

While the city is filling potholes and repaving the roads why not give a little bit of that love to your face? At Fringe, we are resurfacing our end-of-summer skin equipped with innovative skincare products we can’t stop using at home.  Our top product pick for perfect skin at the end of summer is, in our opinion, the BEST way to exfoliate your end-of-summer skin. The magic formula?  Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant by Glo Skin Beauty.

Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant: The Skincare Equivalent of Liquid Gold 

GLO is one of Fringe’s best-selling beauty brands and the Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant has become the crown jewel of their skincare products. It’s as good as gold and our staff can’t get enough! 

Sometimes referred to as an at-home peel, the magical Pro-5 formula is a chemical exfoliant. Don’t let that scare you – the word “chemical” has been villainized by advertisers in recent years, but chemicals have a big place in your skincare routine! Don’t forget: water is a chemical.   In all truth, a peel is the best way to exfoliate at home. 


How Do Chemical Exfoliants like Pro-5 Liquid Work? 

Glo Pro-5 at home peel

As opposed to a physical exfoliant, which only reaches the most surface level of the skin, chemical exfoliants like Pro-5 Liquid are a gentle way to foster deeper exfoliation and allow other beneficial products to have more impact on your skin This is where the acids come in. That’s right. Acids. 

The “5” in Pro-5 refers to the combination of five key alpha and poly hydroxy acids at a concentration of 10%.  The blend includes lactic acid as well asmandelicglucolic, tartaric, and malic acids. Despite the harsh imagery that comes to mind when you think of putting acid on your face, these ingredients work in harmony to exfoliate, hydrate, brighten, and balance your skin. Additionally, this method is gentler than a sugar scrub or other DIY facial treatmentsIn skincare, it’s usually best to work smarter, not harder


The best way to exfoliate? At home.


GLO’s Pro-5 Liquid is often used by estheticians to help prep the skin before more involved treatments, but you can also use it as part of a weekly at-home skincare routine. 


Who Should Try Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant? 

Anyone who wants a little help with exfoliation or just smoother facial surface should check it out. Seriously. Makeup will glide on more effortlessly, or you might be inspired to go makeup free. Either way, a great at-home peel or exfoliant can often be the difference between feeling fine and feeling fresh. 


Back to School, Back to Life, Back to You 

“Going to the office” is still just a stroll to the couch for some of us, with the novelty of working in pajamas having worn off months ago. Many parents will enter the first full school year of the pandemic era, hoping to have a better grip on at-home learning than they did in March. Whatever your new “normal” is, the seasons are due for a change and you probably are, too. 

Versatile products like Pro-5 Liquid and other GLO products will help you manage your skincare until full facial services are back up and running at Fringe.  They are simply the best way to exfoliate your end of summer skin! Check out or online shop or consult one of our estheticians for advice on the best way to customize and optimize your products. 

Don’t forget to check out our other amazing products and promotions as we get you back on track with your beauty and self-care routines. We’ve stocked our online shop up with premium hair and skin products to help you wind down the summer looking post-vacation levels of  fresh (remember travel?) 

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