Self-Care Still Matters: Staying in the Game

Before we begin, let us confirm: self-care is a personal practice that goes way beyond beauty treatments and physical remedies. Ideally, self-care addresses all dimensions of your well-being, not just the physical. We won’t try to convince you that caring for yourself is measured by how young or gorgeous you look because that’s incorrect. We also acknowledge that self-care is one of the most co-opted ideas in recent marketing and social media, so much that it has become a common premise for predictable jokes. That doesn’t mean your well-being doesn’t deserve attention. And after almost 9 months of pandemic living, it probably could use a little more than you think.

Self-care is difficult to maintain because it usually requires two valuable things: time and resources. Not everyone can fit a 3-hour hair appointment into their schedules let alone afford it. We believe that self-care is an expensive beauty ritual but it doesn’t have to be so black and white. Instead of taking an all or nothing approach to haircare, consider that a little bit often goes a long way. Just because you can’t make it into the salon every 6 weeks doesn’t make you any less deserving. 


When Chicago initially shut down back in March, Fringe switched gears and began offering free same-day delivery to our Wicker Park and Bucktown neighbors. We didn’t want to lose our connection to our clients and we had plenty of products on the shelves. Why not literally “reach out” and drop off the things they need right now? Our theory is that a little self-maintenance goes a long way between appointments and we can help you get the things you need to do that. 

Kevin Murphy at Fringe
Fringe has all the Kevin Murphy you could ever need!

We recently began delivering the entire Kevin Murphy hair line, which is found in some of the top salons in the country. It was nice to save people the hassle of going out during stay-at-home orders while delivering better products than they’d find there anyway. Better haircare often means better hair health, which extends the life of your haircut in many cases. 

R+Co is famous for its texture sprays, dry shampoos, holding sprays, and other styling products that are especially helpful before Zoom calls. It’s tempting to skip the morning shower sometimes when you’re working from home, and with the right R+Co products it doesn’t really matter if you do! They also usually smell amazing, which is never going to make your day worse. We’ve been delivering this brand a lot, especially the Dreamhouse Watermelon Texture Spray. We also love the High Dive Moisture & Shine Creme, the perfect tool for combatting dry Chicago winter from root to tip!

R+Co will keep you looking fresh between appointments

For our regular facial clients, we delivered a lot of Glo Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant. It’s a product we often use as a pre-facial treatment to exfoliate skin quickly with a unique blend of acids. We advised our clients to use Pro-5 when social distancing disallowed from giving our signature facials and it kept them feeling great during the long haul of lock down. The entire Glo product line is geared toward this type of need, which we will undoubtedly face again in the coming weeks.

Glo Pro 5 at Fringe
Order Glo Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant at

It’s normal to lose a little steam during times like these. We’ve been presented with a long-haul challenge we never asked for. The important thing is having a plan to deal with your burnout, whether it be a spiritual practice or a physical reward. If we can each invest into a little self-care each day or each week, even the smallest morsel, we will be giving ourselves the tools to cope and succeed.  

As the unpredictable winter approaches, we are ready to help extend the life of your self-care. Take advantage of the local same-day delivery when you order any of our unique salon products. Until we see you at the salon or curbside pickup, may your ends be hydrated and your brows stay separated!