Winter Hydration Tips From A Chicago Salon

Winter view from a Chicago skyscraper
It’s cold out there, folks

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it past phase 1 of Chicago Winter. The first snows have fallen and temperatures have dipped below freezing. From the eyes of a Chicago salon, “the season” is officially here. This “season” is when our clients usually start visiting with complaints of dull skin, dry hair, and general “blah” feelings about the way they look.

Here we are once again. The period when your holiday glow begins to fade and the physical evidence of winter begins to set in. You may notice unmanageable hair with crunchy ends. Your hands may begin to crack under the figurative pressure of bad weather, especially after a year of relentless sanitizing and washing. As your skin loses moisture and buildup accrues, you may feel like your face is less lively and vibrant. The good news is, it’s not just you.

These are simply side effects of living in Chicago. A bit of dry hair and skin is just a fact of life. Bearing the lakefront winter is surely a badge of honor around here, but you don’t have to lose out on moisture just to live in the Windy City. There are a couple of things you can do to combat dry winter skin and hair in a long-term way.

The team at our top Chicago salon put together a couple of honest tips on how to stay hydrated, bouncy, shiny, and soft this winter. Whether it’s your skin, hair, or whole self we highly recommend committing to moisture while you wait out the wind and cold. Check out our hydration tips below, and keep an eye out for our special offer!

Downtown Chicago
Winter Hydration Tip 1: It Begins From Within You’re probably going to roll your eyes at this advice because you’ve heard it a million times, but here it is: Drink water. More than you think you need. Especially if you have forced heat or space heaters that add dry air to your space. You can buy all the salon-quality products in the world, but it will all be for nothing if your hair and skin aren’t being nourished. There’s only so much your stylist can do with topical products. Drinking water is the cheapest and simplest way to battle winter dehydration, so always start there. It will be way easier to manage your hair with products once your insides are right.

Winter Hydration Tip 2: Get Naked Our nail team loves the Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal set by Oylie. Step one of this two-part set is a transformative hyaluronic acid serum, followed by the intense hydrating cream. It is a gamechanger for winter hands and the effects are nearly immediate. Last winter, the Naked Manicure sets by Oylie sold out in the salon as our clients started catching on to its powers. Says one of our team members:

“My mom put this on and her hands looked 10 years younger, immediately. They came back to life. She works in a school so she’s been washing her hands dozens of times every day.”

Zoya Naked Manicure Oylie
Your best friend this winter

It’s also scent-free, so it makes a good option for everyone. Honestly, every Chicago salon should carry it as an act of public service!

Winter Hydration Tip 3: Invest in a Humidifier Take control of your air! Adding a little bit of moisture back into the air can do wonders for your hair and scalp. A humidifier can take your hair from brittle to bouncy and brighten up dull skin. Got dandruff? This may be a sign that a humidifier is right for you. The only bummer is we don’t sell any humidifiers at our Chicago salon, so you’ll have to find your own! This list might be a good place to start.

Winter Hydration Tip 4: Rescue Your Hair with the Moroccanoil Hydration Collection We offer Moroccanoil for several reasons, but their hydration collection is top of the list. It features special conditioning shampoo & conditioner, intense conditioning masks, styling cream, and more. The leave-in conditioner is a popular item with our clients, as well. Order online and we’ll throw in free delivery on all local orders. And as always,  curbside pickup at our storefront location!

We also offer these products during our hair services in the salon. If you’re coming in for a color service or even just a cut, we always recommend a deep conditioning, which is usually $20.00.

Moroccanoil deep conditioning set
Deep moisture

BONUS TIP: Deep Conditioning…for free
As we brainstormed these winter hydration tips as a team, we realized we needed to take this educational moment a step further. For the month of January, we are offering free conditioning treatments with ANY SERVICE. We want you to believe in what we’re saying about winter dryness and the power of hydration!  After all, trendy colors and cuts don’t look as good or last as long on limp, damaged strands.

All of us at Fringe are big on hair health before anything else. We also believe in these products, so why not show our awesome clients what’s up? We’re open every day, so schedule an appointment to claim your complementary deep condition experience. Book here before January appointments fill up!