Hot Curl Summer: 4 Curly Hair Tips from Fringe

It’s Gonna Be a Hot Curl Summer

Curly hair is a blessing but sometimes, in the heat of a muggy Chicago summer, it can feel like a curse. Here’s what the Fringe team recommends for making it through to autumn with killer ringlets and waves.

1. Use Protection

UV rays are one of the beauty industry’s favorite foes to warn you about, and we agree: you need protection! Everyone knows sun damage to your skin not only puts you at risk for certain cancers, it also speeds up the aging process. But what about your hair?

Inconveniently, UV rays can do a number on your hair just the same as your skin. Curly hair people in particular should look for products to reduce sun damage. It takes a special combination of products to hit that sweet spot of looking fresh while providing adequate protection from the sun.

If you’ve got colored curls, we recommend the Protect & Prevent Spray. It keeps your color from turning brassy or fading, protecting it from the environmental influences that make your hair weak. Protect & Prevent neutralizes free radicals and pollutants while incorporating sunscreens to absorb those pesky UVs. Once your curls are protected, finish up with Moroccanoil® Beach Wave Mousse

2. Avoid Over-Shampooing
Let’s shift the focus from your curls to the scalp from whence they came, shall we? Curly hair folks can become hyper-focused on achieving the perfect spiral that they forget to tend to the source of hair health. It’s important to clarify the scalp on a regular basis. This helps remove buildup that can drag your curls down. Curly-headed people tend to use more product daily, so a regular clarifying schedule is important. Start with Moroccan Oil Clarify.

Then, consider moving to a no-foam, one-step shampoo & conditioner. We know; all-in-one shampoos/conditioners are usually trash. At least for people with delicate, beautiful curls! But the MoroccanOil Curl Cleansing Conditioner is the way and the light; it cleanses, detangles, and conditions simultaneously. This not only saves your time, but it allows you to avoid over-working your curls and helps maintain their integrity.
We also love R+Co’s ANALOG co-wash.This one works great for frizz reduction and adding shine to all hair types.

3. A Fresh Cut Will Keep That Curly Hair Bouncing
When was the light time your curls were handled with a loving, professional hand? Allow us to introduce Trent Talbot.

Trent is the resident master of curly hair cuts and styles here at Fringe. We love his work because he understands that every head of curly hair is different and needs to be cared for and styled in a unique way. He has a keen eye for shaping curly cuts, which has a huge impact on what happens to your hair after the salon. The right cut from Trent will create a low-maintenance look that can last months, and he always takes the time to educate curly clients on product and technique.

Curly hair people know the pitfalls of walking into any old salon and getting a cut from any old stylist: It’s always a gamble. But Trent? He’s a sure bet. Book a consultation with Trent here!

4. Define Your Curly Hair With the Right Products
Ok, so you’ve got the perfect curly hair cut and you’ve protected it from sun damage and you’re using gentle, hydrating shampoos. Sounds like a curly hair success story! Then you step outside on a 90-degree day with 85% humidity. What’s your next move? (Here’s what we recommend)

 – R+CO Twister Curl Primer, which will define your curls without leaving them crunchy.  R+Co loves to layer up and create a cocktail for your hair, so check out their whole line at!

– If you want to activate your curls and reign in frizz, Kevin Murphy has an impressive curly lineup. The Killer Curls, Killer Waves, Motion Lotion, and Undressed are our top picks.

 – Curl Control mousse by MoroccanOil is lightweight and spreads easily into all of the hair. It was designed to hold curl all day long and allows you to pull and lengthen curls without frizzing out or disrupting the curl pattern. No crunch hold necessary – think Sarah Jessica Parker!

Curls can be the biggest hair blessing but without the right products, they can feel like a curse. Especially in the thick of a muggy Chicago summer. The Fringe team is dedicated to making 2021 a very Hot Curl Summer.