Wicker Park Stylist Spotlight: Michael Mullen

Wicker Park Stylist Spotlight: Michael Mullen

In April, we celebrated our 19th year in business on Milwaukee Avenue. Our Wicker Park salon has evolved many times over the last couple of decades, but a few things have remained constant. As we reflect on nineteen years of Fringe, a certain face appears throughout our memories: Michael Mullen. This veteran Wicker Park stylist has been leading the pack since the very start and we’re proud to spotlight his work this month!

Wicker Park stylist Michael Mullen
Wicker Park stylist Michael Mullen


Michael made made his first splash in Chicago after migrating from the suburbs of Louisville. It was these early Chicago days when he began exploring his knack for styling hair and makeup.

He soon found himself in a headfirst dive into the beauty industry, proudly wielding his burgeoning talent and natural passion. While a student at the School of Hair Design in 1989, Michael was entered in a state-level competition and awarded First Place.

 It was apparent then he possessed the right combination of passion and creative talent required to succeed in beauty. Fringe was lucky enough to work with Michael in the early days, giving our Wicker Park salon some pretty solid legs to stand on.

A Master Among Us

Featured in Modern Salon and Self magazines, Michael is best known for his instinct and deep knowledge of color correction, blended highlighting, and gray coverage. He is also adept at texture work, specializing in the Rusk anti-curl system and customized permanent waves. While his hands are nimble and his eye for color sharp, Michael takes care to guide his clients down the best path for their hair. His biggest piece of advice for every client? “Do your best to accept your hair and make the most of it and enhance it rather than putting your hair through so much.”  This advice – a gift that comes with 25 years of expertise – creates trust in a client-stylist relationship.  

It is impossible to celebrate nineteen years of Fringe without celebrating Michael Mullen. Through the ups and downs of business and life, he has kept the colors flawlessly blended and the grays far, far away. Our salon would not be the same without this legendary Wicker Park stylist.

Hot Curl Summer: 4 Curly Hair Tips from Fringe

It’s Gonna Be a Hot Curl Summer

Curly hair is a blessing but sometimes, in the heat of a muggy Chicago summer, it can feel like a curse. Here’s what the Fringe team recommends for making it through to autumn with killer ringlets and waves.

1. Use Protection

UV rays are one of the beauty industry’s favorite foes to warn you about, and we agree: you need protection! Everyone knows sun damage to your skin not only puts you at risk for certain cancers, it also speeds up the aging process. But what about your hair?

Inconveniently, UV rays can do a number on your hair just the same as your skin. Curly hair people in particular should look for products to reduce sun damage. It takes a special combination of products to hit that sweet spot of looking fresh while providing adequate protection from the sun.

If you’ve got colored curls, we recommend the Protect & Prevent Spray. It keeps your color from turning brassy or fading, protecting it from the environmental influences that make your hair weak. Protect & Prevent neutralizes free radicals and pollutants while incorporating sunscreens to absorb those pesky UVs. Once your curls are protected, finish up with Moroccanoil® Beach Wave Mousse

2. Avoid Over-Shampooing
Let’s shift the focus from your curls to the scalp from whence they came, shall we? Curly hair folks can become hyper-focused on achieving the perfect spiral that they forget to tend to the source of hair health. It’s important to clarify the scalp on a regular basis. This helps remove buildup that can drag your curls down. Curly-headed people tend to use more product daily, so a regular clarifying schedule is important. Start with Moroccan Oil Clarify.

Then, consider moving to a no-foam, one-step shampoo & conditioner. We know; all-in-one shampoos/conditioners are usually trash. At least for people with delicate, beautiful curls! But the MoroccanOil Curl Cleansing Conditioner is the way and the light; it cleanses, detangles, and conditions simultaneously. This not only saves your time, but it allows you to avoid over-working your curls and helps maintain their integrity.
We also love R+Co’s ANALOG co-wash.This one works great for frizz reduction and adding shine to all hair types.

3. A Fresh Cut Will Keep That Curly Hair Bouncing
When was the light time your curls were handled with a loving, professional hand? Allow us to introduce Trent Talbot.

Trent is the resident master of curly hair cuts and styles here at Fringe. We love his work because he understands that every head of curly hair is different and needs to be cared for and styled in a unique way. He has a keen eye for shaping curly cuts, which has a huge impact on what happens to your hair after the salon. The right cut from Trent will create a low-maintenance look that can last months, and he always takes the time to educate curly clients on product and technique.

Curly hair people know the pitfalls of walking into any old salon and getting a cut from any old stylist: It’s always a gamble. But Trent? He’s a sure bet. Book a consultation with Trent here!

4. Define Your Curly Hair With the Right Products
Ok, so you’ve got the perfect curly hair cut and you’ve protected it from sun damage and you’re using gentle, hydrating shampoos. Sounds like a curly hair success story! Then you step outside on a 90-degree day with 85% humidity. What’s your next move? (Here’s what we recommend)

 – R+CO Twister Curl Primer, which will define your curls without leaving them crunchy.  R+Co loves to layer up and create a cocktail for your hair, so check out their whole line at Fringe-online.com!

– If you want to activate your curls and reign in frizz, Kevin Murphy has an impressive curly lineup. The Killer Curls, Killer Waves, Motion Lotion, and Undressed are our top picks.

 – Curl Control mousse by MoroccanOil is lightweight and spreads easily into all of the hair. It was designed to hold curl all day long and allows you to pull and lengthen curls without frizzing out or disrupting the curl pattern. No crunch hold necessary – think Sarah Jessica Parker!

Curls can be the biggest hair blessing but without the right products, they can feel like a curse. Especially in the thick of a muggy Chicago summer. The Fringe team is dedicated to making 2021 a very Hot Curl Summer.


Choosing the right salon can alter the trajectory of an up-and-coming stylist’s career. When Molly Schuman came to Fringe as an apprentice in 2015, it was clear she had chosen the best place to grow as a stylist, an artist, and a person.

Throughout her apprenticeship, Molly mastered advanced cutting. She also leaned into color theory with a focus on lightening hair. These basic skills are crucial for the success of any new stylist, but Molly was able to take her talent to the next level and carve out a unique creative space for her clients at Fringe.

Over the last five years, her eye for style has become a huge asset to the salon. Several of Molly’s most loyal clients book with her to achieve a highly customized, creative look with bold and vibrant colors. Her color transformations are some of Fringe’s most liked on Instagram, and you can see why!

Don’t let her knack for explosive color fool you, though; Molly is no one-trick pony. She knows her way around the perfect balayage and is an expert at platinum blonde-ing!

Most importantly, Molly is skilled in helping clients rediscover their own confidence. Sometimes, a hair makeover is all it takes for that one client to remember how fabulous they are, and Molly loves to help get them there. This is why we recently promoted her to Senior Stylist here at Fringe.

When she isn’t mixing dyes, Molly loves the comforts of cooking at home and loving on cats.

Wicker Park Salon Celebrates 19 Years Despite Pandemic


Exterior of Fringe / A Salon
Exterior of Fringe / A Salon

Wicker Park Salon Celebrates 19 Years Despite Pandemic

Following a wild and unpredictable year, Fringe remains a small business anchor on Milwaukee avenue. A go-to Wicker Park salon for many residents, Fringe was woven into the neighborhood fabric almost nineteen years ago and continues to stand tall despite recent financial pressures. As a new year approaches with promises of brighter days, owner Dawn Bublitz is forging ahead with the same optimistic force as when she opened the Wicker Park salon in 2002. She’s equipped with much more than just a positive outlook, though. The perspective she’s gained from almost two decades as a business owner, mother, and beauty professional give Bublitz the hardiness to steer Fringe through the uncharted waters of pandemic life.

In the early 2000’s, Bublitz made the leap from stylist to Jill of All Trades after nine years working at another salon. First, she became a homeowner, settling down in Wicker Park just two blocks from the main strip of Milwaukee avenue.

“I had purchased a home in Wicker Park, which was a fast-changing neighborhood at the time. Many of my clients were coming over to Wicker Park for the restaurants, so I felt it was a safe bet they would follow me over here.”

And they did. Bublitz soon added “business owner” to her list of new titles; Instead of searching for another salon to employ her, she opened her own just steps from her new home. Fringe officially became part of the Wicker Park small business scene in April 2002.

Fringe founder Dawn Bublitz
Fringe founder Dawn Bublitz

For Bublitz, the move and the opening of the Wicker Park salon had a lot to do with timing. With a great deal of real estate available at the time, she ended up choosing a former warehouse holding space for Continental Furniture (now closed). “It needed a tremendous amount of buildout” says Bublitz, who had suddenly found herself on an unexpected career path.

“I actually never expected to open a salon. From 1987 – 1993 I pursued a political science degree at University of Illinois at Chicago, with plans of going to Law School. However, once I started studying for the LSAT, I realized that I could never work behind a desk all day. I really loved working behind the chair, training assistants and meeting and talking to exciting people every day and making them beautiful.”

Original Storefront and interior from 2002.

In fact, the direct impact on clients is one of the most rewarding parts of the job, according to Bublitz. It’s no secret that a little TLC in the stylist’s chair can have profound effects on a person’s well-being. While the term “self-care” has been sprinkled liberally upon consumers in recent years, there are viable roots to its original meaning and purpose. When a client comes in emotionally frayed or at the end of their rope, some simple care and attention often brings them back to a neutral place. When the stylists get a chance to help someone who needs this care and attention, the reward is big. According to Bublitz, it can be an emotional experience at times.

“Over the years, a few clients have told me they have a cancer diagnosis, and they are going to be losing their hair. Hair loss from chemo is devastating and with life or death on the line, it is necessary. When a customer tells me what they are going through, I have created a plan that helps my guests get through this.”

Bublitz often meets with her clients at a wig shop, where they together shop for the perfect fit. Most importantly, they search for a wig that will best match their own color and texture.

“These are my most memorable, because after 20 plus years of monthly appointments, I am so happy to be here to help them through this difficult time.”

These memories also serve to preserve Bublitz’s perspective during a year that has been especially brutal for small businesses. Despite implementing strict health & safety protocols inside the massive salon, appointments remain on the light side. She realizes, though, that she is luckier than most. The Wicker Park salon remains open, with the team creating new ways to drive sales.

Covid precautions at Fringe
Covid precautions at Fringe

Bublitz’s indomitable sense of spirit, combined with some quick thinking, helped get Fringe through the initial stages of the pandemic and subsequent shutdown. Back in March, she orchestrated Fringe’s pivot to retail, selling the salon’s professional hair and skin products online. In addition to filling and packing orders, Bublitz made same-day local deliveries throughout Wicker Park herself. Fringe continues to offer these products for delivery or same-day pickup at Fringe-online.com

The hope for Fringe in 2021 is that as vaccines continue to roll out, client visits to the salon will increase. In the meantime, Bublitz continues to fine tune her business instincts. A 2019 graduate of the 10,000 Small Business program through Goldman Sachs, the Wicker Park salon owner is ever pursuant of additional leadership education. Her focus for the new year will be developing and supporting the salon team members, who have seen a dramatic drop in client bookings. Bublitz has seen her salon through some dark times, though, and she’s not afraid to forge a path into the unknown. For now, Fringe will rely heavily on retail sales the team hopes to fill lots of orders in the Wicker Park neighborhood this winter. Spring will bring the Wicker Park salon ’s nineteenth anniversary and, for Bublitz, a marker of perseverance in small business.


Employees circa 2006 and 2016

Winter Hydration Tips From A Chicago Salon

Winter view from a Chicago skyscraper
It’s cold out there, folks

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it past phase 1 of Chicago Winter. The first snows have fallen and temperatures have dipped below freezing. From the eyes of a Chicago salon, “the season” is officially here. This “season” is when our clients usually start visiting with complaints of dull skin, dry hair, and general “blah” feelings about the way they look.

Here we are once again. The period when your holiday glow begins to fade and the physical evidence of winter begins to set in. You may notice unmanageable hair with crunchy ends. Your hands may begin to crack under the figurative pressure of bad weather, especially after a year of relentless sanitizing and washing. As your skin loses moisture and buildup accrues, you may feel like your face is less lively and vibrant. The good news is, it’s not just you.

These are simply side effects of living in Chicago. A bit of dry hair and skin is just a fact of life. Bearing the lakefront winter is surely a badge of honor around here, but you don’t have to lose out on moisture just to live in the Windy City. There are a couple of things you can do to combat dry winter skin and hair in a long-term way.

The team at our top Chicago salon put together a couple of honest tips on how to stay hydrated, bouncy, shiny, and soft this winter. Whether it’s your skin, hair, or whole self we highly recommend committing to moisture while you wait out the wind and cold. Check out our hydration tips below, and keep an eye out for our special offer!

Downtown Chicago
Winter Hydration Tip 1: It Begins From Within You’re probably going to roll your eyes at this advice because you’ve heard it a million times, but here it is: Drink water. More than you think you need. Especially if you have forced heat or space heaters that add dry air to your space. You can buy all the salon-quality products in the world, but it will all be for nothing if your hair and skin aren’t being nourished. There’s only so much your stylist can do with topical products. Drinking water is the cheapest and simplest way to battle winter dehydration, so always start there. It will be way easier to manage your hair with products once your insides are right.

Winter Hydration Tip 2: Get Naked Our nail team loves the Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal set by Oylie. Step one of this two-part set is a transformative hyaluronic acid serum, followed by the intense hydrating cream. It is a gamechanger for winter hands and the effects are nearly immediate. Last winter, the Naked Manicure sets by Oylie sold out in the salon as our clients started catching on to its powers. Says one of our team members:

“My mom put this on and her hands looked 10 years younger, immediately. They came back to life. She works in a school so she’s been washing her hands dozens of times every day.”

Zoya Naked Manicure Oylie
Your best friend this winter

It’s also scent-free, so it makes a good option for everyone. Honestly, every Chicago salon should carry it as an act of public service!

Winter Hydration Tip 3: Invest in a Humidifier Take control of your air! Adding a little bit of moisture back into the air can do wonders for your hair and scalp. A humidifier can take your hair from brittle to bouncy and brighten up dull skin. Got dandruff? This may be a sign that a humidifier is right for you. The only bummer is we don’t sell any humidifiers at our Chicago salon, so you’ll have to find your own! This list might be a good place to start.

Winter Hydration Tip 4: Rescue Your Hair with the Moroccanoil Hydration Collection We offer Moroccanoil for several reasons, but their hydration collection is top of the list. It features special conditioning shampoo & conditioner, intense conditioning masks, styling cream, and more. The leave-in conditioner is a popular item with our clients, as well. Order online and we’ll throw in free delivery on all local orders. And as always,  curbside pickup at our storefront location!

We also offer these products during our hair services in the salon. If you’re coming in for a color service or even just a cut, we always recommend a deep conditioning, which is usually $20.00.

Moroccanoil deep conditioning set
Deep moisture

BONUS TIP: Deep Conditioning…for free
As we brainstormed these winter hydration tips as a team, we realized we needed to take this educational moment a step further. For the month of January, we are offering free conditioning treatments with ANY SERVICE. We want you to believe in what we’re saying about winter dryness and the power of hydration!  After all, trendy colors and cuts don’t look as good or last as long on limp, damaged strands.

All of us at Fringe are big on hair health before anything else. We also believe in these products, so why not show our awesome clients what’s up? We’re open every day, so schedule an appointment to claim your complementary deep condition experience. Book here before January appointments fill up!

Self-Care Still Matters: Staying in the Game

Before we begin, let us confirm: self-care is a personal practice that goes way beyond beauty treatments and physical remedies. Ideally, self-care addresses all dimensions of your well-being, not just the physical. We won’t try to convince you that caring for yourself is measured by how young or gorgeous you look because that’s incorrect. We also acknowledge that self-care is one of the most co-opted ideas in recent marketing and social media, so much that it has become a common premise for predictable jokes. That doesn’t mean your well-being doesn’t deserve attention. And after almost 9 months of pandemic living, it probably could use a little more than you think.

Self-care is difficult to maintain because it usually requires two valuable things: time and resources. Not everyone can fit a 3-hour hair appointment into their schedules let alone afford it. We believe that self-care is an expensive beauty ritual but it doesn’t have to be so black and white. Instead of taking an all or nothing approach to haircare, consider that a little bit often goes a long way. Just because you can’t make it into the salon every 6 weeks doesn’t make you any less deserving. 


When Chicago initially shut down back in March, Fringe switched gears and began offering free same-day delivery to our Wicker Park and Bucktown neighbors. We didn’t want to lose our connection to our clients and we had plenty of products on the shelves. Why not literally “reach out” and drop off the things they need right now? Our theory is that a little self-maintenance goes a long way between appointments and we can help you get the things you need to do that. 

Kevin Murphy at Fringe
Fringe has all the Kevin Murphy you could ever need!

We recently began delivering the entire Kevin Murphy hair line, which is found in some of the top salons in the country. It was nice to save people the hassle of going out during stay-at-home orders while delivering better products than they’d find there anyway. Better haircare often means better hair health, which extends the life of your haircut in many cases. 

R+Co is famous for its texture sprays, dry shampoos, holding sprays, and other styling products that are especially helpful before Zoom calls. It’s tempting to skip the morning shower sometimes when you’re working from home, and with the right R+Co products it doesn’t really matter if you do! They also usually smell amazing, which is never going to make your day worse. We’ve been delivering this brand a lot, especially the Dreamhouse Watermelon Texture Spray. We also love the High Dive Moisture & Shine Creme, the perfect tool for combatting dry Chicago winter from root to tip!

R+Co will keep you looking fresh between appointments

For our regular facial clients, we delivered a lot of Glo Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant. It’s a product we often use as a pre-facial treatment to exfoliate skin quickly with a unique blend of acids. We advised our clients to use Pro-5 when social distancing disallowed from giving our signature facials and it kept them feeling great during the long haul of lock down. The entire Glo product line is geared toward this type of need, which we will undoubtedly face again in the coming weeks.

Glo Pro 5 at Fringe
Order Glo Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant at Fringe-Online.com

It’s normal to lose a little steam during times like these. We’ve been presented with a long-haul challenge we never asked for. The important thing is having a plan to deal with your burnout, whether it be a spiritual practice or a physical reward. If we can each invest into a little self-care each day or each week, even the smallest morsel, we will be giving ourselves the tools to cope and succeed.  

As the unpredictable winter approaches, we are ready to help extend the life of your self-care. Take advantage of the local same-day delivery when you order any of our unique salon products. Until we see you at the salon or curbside pickup, may your ends be hydrated and your brows stay separated!

Goodbye, Summer: Fringe ’s Top Hair & Beauty Products for Fall


The team at Fringe is ready for the winds of change! Just when we were all getting a grip on our summer skincare and harnessing the power of humidity to awaken our beach waves, a new season is upon us. Cooler breezes have arrived and a light jacket or two have been spotted on the streets of Chicago; the wind down of summer is undeniable.

We love change here at Fringe so to help you transition from summer to fall, we’ve made a list of our favorite new hair and beauty products for fall. Check’em out!


1) Kevin Murphy Hair Products

Kevin Murphy at Fringe
Fringe has all the Kevin Murphy you could ever need!

We recently began carrying the entire Kevin Murphy line and our clients are LOVING the selection of hair products. From color preservation to curls and coils, they’ve got something for you. We love this brand because it is prestigious but not pretentious; with Kevin Murphy you get a high-end product from a down-to-earth company and that resonates deeply with everyone here at Fringe.




2) R+Co Zig Zag Texture Spray

R+Co Zig Zag at Fringe

R+Co is one of our go-to brands for innovative products that give everyday life a little pizazz. This Zig Zag Texture Spray puts you in control of your volume and texture. Give those roots a little tease and set hair to stun with a spritz of this durable magic. You’ll be blown away by the all-day hold. We also love that Zig Zag is Vegan, Cruelty + Gluten Free, Paraben + Sulfate Free (SLS or SLES), Petrolatum + Mineral Oil Free.  We can’t have our stylists craft the perfect look for us every day, but you can get pretty dang close with the R + Co Zig Zag.













3) Glo’s Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant

Glo Pro 5 at Fringe
Get it at Fringe!

It is no secret we at Fringe are super fans of Glo’s entire collection of skincare products, but the Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant stands above the rest. The at-home peel has been a savior for many clients who haven’t been able to come in for a facial due to pandemic restrictions. Resident esthetician Susan Dechant likes to use Pro-5 on her clients before a facial treatment, but it can also be used at home for regular exfoliation. Turnover those summer cells and head into fall with a fresh face!

4) Moroccan Oil High Power Hydration Leave-In Conditioner

Moroccan Oil Leave-In
Leave it in and go!



As the world slowly gets back to normal, the pull of your “normal” routine might be a bit of an adjustment. We’ve all gotten used to staying in, Zoom meetings, and not over-fussing with our looks. Don’t feel bad if getting back to a “go go go” lifestyle feels like a whirlwind, it’s normal! And the Moroccan Oil Leave-In is here to help keep your routine no-fuss. It smells amazing and t

will bring your dry hair back to LIFE.

In other Moroccan Oil news, we are running a RAFFLE! Book your next hair service and you’ll be entered in our raffle to win one of three Moroccan styling tools! The winner will have their choice of the amazing Curling Iron, Flat Iron, or Smoothing Brush. Not sure which one is best for you? Uur stylists can recommend the best option for your hair type. But you’ll need to act fast – the winner will be drawn on September 30, so book now!






Of course, Fringe carries hundreds of other products for your hair and skin type, so be sure to stop here and find the ones that were made for you!

A Chicago Esthetician’s Guide to Mask Life

Susan Dechant is the Chicago Esthetician You Need Right Now
Facial services

Chicago Esthetician Susan Dechant knows the ins and outs of skincare, perfectly shaped brows, sky-high lashes, and everything else you could possibly want in a beauty specialist. These things are her bread and butter. Her meat and potatoes. The nuts and bolts of her professional core.  

Susan is known to have the fastest hand in the waxing game. In the beauty world, that’s like being the nurse with the best needle stick – you want her on your side, especially if you have low tolerance for pain. 

Susan Dechant: top Chicago esthetician and Maskne fighter

For almost 20 years, Susan has flexed her professional muscle as a top Chicago esthetician by sculpting striking brows, lifting lashes, and bringing out the glow in everyone who puts their face in her expert hands. 

And then, just like that, we all began covering up our faces. Zoom meetings gave us leeway in how much money and time we put into our appearances. The finer details of our quarantine faces were mercifully blurred by the limits of built-in laptop cameras and we all got away with letting our skin get a little…iffy. 

All the while there was Susan, armed and ready for the day when we began to crawl out from our quarantine holes and back into the light. That day has come. 


A Chicago Esthetician’s Guide to #MaskLife: Brow Shaping, At-Home Facials, Lash Lifts, and More

Since the rise of the mask, many of us have encountered new challenges in our daily beauty routines. One marked example is the novel “Maskne” which, as you can probably deduce, is a mask-induced acne that plagues our chin and jawline. Shoutout to all the nurses, caregivers, and other essential workers who wear masks for hours on end each day – that is not easy and neither is removing your masks to find a cluster of new blemishes.

According to Susan, one of the best ways to keep up with your skincare routine these days is a great at-home peel. She recommends the new Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant, which she often uses to prep her clients’ skin before a facial service.  This professional-grade formula goes deeper than a physical exfoliant and has been released for at-home use. Read more about it here! 


Before and After: Revitalizing Your Eyes

You may have noticed yourself communicating with your eyes a lot more often these days. That’s really all we can do with a mask obscuring most of our facial movements! That means you’re going to want those lashes and brows in great shape. They’re gonna be the star of the show until it’s safe to remove our masks.

Susan’s top recommendation is a brow shaping or brown tinting service. She uses a honey-based hard wax, a no-stick option that is typically less painful than soft wax or strip waxes. Her tinting dyes are vegetable-based and last three to four weeks. For clients with sparse brows, Susan recommends the henna dye option for a bigger, more lasting impact. 

Dont’ forget; has a reputation as being the fastest waxer around – just one of the many reasons she is the best Chicago esthetician for your post-quarantine makeover. 

Speaking of makeovers, Susan recently performed a combined brow and lash service to revitalize her client’s above-the-mask zone:




Making the Most of Mask Life

We will be sporting masks for the foreseeable future so why not make the most of it? We can all feel great while doing our part to keep Chicagoans safe. Take care of the skin beneath the mask with Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant by Glo and other great products we offer, or make an appointment with Susan if you’re ready to make those eyes POP! 

We are open and ready to get you back to feeling your best. Whether you’re heading back to the office or just ready for a refresh, Fringe has you covered.


The Team at Fringe / A Salon

The Best Way to Exfoliate Your End-of-Summer Skin


Glo Skincare

As the buzz of Chicago summer reaches its hazy crescendo, some of us are holding out for the season’s grand finalethe first fall breeze. Until then we’re smack dab in the middle of the dog days, and in a congested city it’s key time of year for congested skin. After all, adjusting to the new realities of our world in 90-degree heat is bound to add some urban grime to your brow. And how do you even get rid of it? Is a sugar scrub REALLY the best way to exfoliate? 

Add on top of that the usual summer enemies (sun damage, dark spots) and there’s a lot going on with your face come late August. Let’s not even get into the recent phenomenon dubbed Maskne, which we’ll dive into as part of a future post 


Mask Life.

While the city is filling potholes and repaving the roads why not give a little bit of that love to your face? At Fringe, we are resurfacing our end-of-summer skin equipped with innovative skincare products we can’t stop using at home.  Our top product pick for perfect skin at the end of summer is, in our opinion, the BEST way to exfoliate your end-of-summer skin. The magic formula?  Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant by Glo Skin Beauty.

Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant: The Skincare Equivalent of Liquid Gold 

GLO is one of Fringe’s best-selling beauty brands and the Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant has become the crown jewel of their skincare products. It’s as good as gold and our staff can’t get enough! 

Sometimes referred to as an at-home peel, the magical Pro-5 formula is a chemical exfoliant. Don’t let that scare you – the word “chemical” has been villainized by advertisers in recent years, but chemicals have a big place in your skincare routine! Don’t forget: water is a chemical.   In all truth, a peel is the best way to exfoliate at home. 


How Do Chemical Exfoliants like Pro-5 Liquid Work? 

Glo Pro-5 at home peel

As opposed to a physical exfoliant, which only reaches the most surface level of the skin, chemical exfoliants like Pro-5 Liquid are a gentle way to foster deeper exfoliation and allow other beneficial products to have more impact on your skin This is where the acids come in. That’s right. Acids. 

The “5” in Pro-5 refers to the combination of five key alpha and poly hydroxy acids at a concentration of 10%.  The blend includes lactic acid as well asmandelicglucolic, tartaric, and malic acids. Despite the harsh imagery that comes to mind when you think of putting acid on your face, these ingredients work in harmony to exfoliate, hydrate, brighten, and balance your skin. Additionally, this method is gentler than a sugar scrub or other DIY facial treatmentsIn skincare, it’s usually best to work smarter, not harder


The best way to exfoliate? At home.


GLO’s Pro-5 Liquid is often used by estheticians to help prep the skin before more involved treatments, but you can also use it as part of a weekly at-home skincare routine. 


Who Should Try Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant? 

Anyone who wants a little help with exfoliation or just smoother facial surface should check it out. Seriously. Makeup will glide on more effortlessly, or you might be inspired to go makeup free. Either way, a great at-home peel or exfoliant can often be the difference between feeling fine and feeling fresh. 


Back to School, Back to Life, Back to You 

“Going to the office” is still just a stroll to the couch for some of us, with the novelty of working in pajamas having worn off months ago. Many parents will enter the first full school year of the pandemic era, hoping to have a better grip on at-home learning than they did in March. Whatever your new “normal” is, the seasons are due for a change and you probably are, too. 

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Fringe’s Guidelines: COVID 19 Procedures

The COVID-19 safety guidelines for Fringe’s reopening below.

The health and safety of our clients and employees is of utmost importance to us, and we are grateful to each and every one of you for your continued support as we head into this next challenging yet exciting phase. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We have implemented the Illinois Department of Commerce Personal Care Services Guidelines.   Here’s what you should know before your next appointment at Fringe.

What to know before you come in:

– All customers are required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will have some available to purchase.

– We ask that you limit your number of personal belongings.

– Please call us upon arrival, we will invite you once your service provider is ready for you so you may go directly to a team member work space.

– Only persons with an appointments will be permitted to enter the salon

– At this point, we ask that no children under 16 come to the salon.

– If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay at home and reschedule your appointment at Fringe.

Protective equipment and what we’re doing for your safety:

– Gloves and masks worn by employees

–  Protective dividers at front desk and manicure tables

 – Sanitized cape and towels for each client

 – EPA-registered anti-bacterial products used to sanitize all tools, stations, restrooms, and common areas

-Washing hands for 20 seconds before & after each service

– Cleaning with sanitizer of common areas in between clients

– Stations have been spaced more than 6 feet apart

– Blow drying, or styling will be limited until the next phase.

– There will be limited coffee or other beverages available until next phase. 

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