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Pedi-Perfection at Fringe Salon Chicago

Forget Diamonds, I think Spa Days are a girl’s best friend! I recently had the most luxurious and relaxing spa pedicure experience at the Fringe Salon in Chicago and honestly I feel my week is already better for it. Me and Sana – my fabulous sister (& bestie) and lil miss Noori were graciously invited by Fringe Salon to experience their iconic spa pedicures at their beautiful location in the heart of Wicker Park in Chicago. We chose Saturday Afternoon to beat the week day crazy Chicago traffic, and get there in plenty of time to enjoy a little walk of the neighborhood afterwards.

Even though Parking in this area can be challenging, we got lucky and got a place right across the Spa. We were greeted by a very welcoming receptionist who checked us in and offered us beverages without any wait. Even though there were a lot of people in there, the place looked huge & spacious as they had made excellent use of their high ceilings and open structure. We were shown where to select our pedi nail colors – I love how organized the nail polish area was, which made the daunting task of choosing the right color (out of like a 978 ) a breeze! We were then promptly ushered to our pedi stations and greeted by our talented nail techs Irene & Evelyn.

Sana chose the Jelly Pedicure and she oohed & aahed when she felt those jelly beads at the bottom of the Pedicure bowl. I now totally want to try it as this beads are full of moisture as Irene explained to us and the longer the feet stayed in the water, the more hydrating it was for the skin.

I chose the Volcanic Pedicure and was super surprised when Evelyn poured the tiny package of Volcanic essence into my pedi bowl and the water just because fizzy and bubbly and dare I say ‘festive’ ! I loved how expertly my nails were shaped, cuticles trimmed and calluses removed. My feet were covered with a mask and then wrapped up in steaming towels followed by a very very relaxing foot & leg massage. Im so glad I chose the bright cherry color by OPI ( I was so zoned out that I forgot to copy the name of the color). This shiny bright color will be a perfect compliment to those summer sandals.

All in all, we had the most wonderful time with the services and staff at the Fringe Salon in Chicago and would highly recommend my Midwest gals to check out their full list of services here ! And follow them on Instagram here !

I got my lashes permed

I never got a perm before, I was way past due.

(Insert legally blonde quote here)

So when I heard about something called “lash perm”, I was horrified and curious all at the same time.

I’ve toyed with the idea of lash extensions, but I’ve always heard they can damage the lashes and let’s be honest, I don’t have an hour every three weeks to lay there and do nothing. I’ve also noticed a trend of people looking a little like Snuffleupagus lately. Girl, we know you didn’t wake up like that.

I went into Fringe not knowing what to expect.

My technician Danielle was super friendly and explained to me that it was basically like a perm/keratin treatment for your eyelashes, complete with the perm smell and curling rod.

The process itself was super easy and painless and took about an hour in total. She attaches your eyelashes to a perm rod and applies solution.

The results were amazing. I also got a tint because my lashes are very light. Now I wake up and almost never put on mascara and my make-up looks “done”.  If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to eyelash extensions, check it out!

My #SelfCare Day at Fringe Salon Chicago

My #SelfCare Day at Fringe Salon Chicago

Ever since moving to Chicago I have been talking more and more about the importance of self care! Self care can be as easy as treating yourself to a cup of coffee in the morning, or a full blown spa day. Last Sunday I got to spend my #selfcare day at Fringe Salon in Wicker Park, Chicago. The beautiful staff treated me to a volcano pedicure and a full balayage and a hair cut, as well as countless cups of coffee 🙂

The Volcano Spa Pedicure is a new product offered by Fringe Salon! It starts by adding detox volcano crystals to the spa water, along with a detox volcano activator. The activator immediately causes a fun bubble explosion and fills the room with a beautiful fragrance. This luxury experience is so much fun to watch! I am very easily entertained, but that experience topped my Sunday. This pedicure detoxifies impurities from feet, stimulates and invigorates circulation and at the end I got a collagen massage for ultimate smoothness.

The hair cut was probably the biggest step for me that day! New year new hair? How about new city new hair? It took a lot of opinions and advice from friends, but I finally went for it and got bangs! They are very wispy, light, and are easy to hide! I am loving them though! Julia Stegner was my inso and my hairstylist Nicole did an outstanding job! And the balayage was absolutely amazing! I have been getting so many compliments on my hair from everyone!

Check out Fringe Salon in Wicker park and if you are a new customer, you will get 20% off your service!

And I am already planning what I am going to do with my hair for my Europe trip! Let me tell you, my imagination is running wild already! And it’s not even April yet!

Volcano Pedicure & Dying my Eyebrows?!

Volcano Pedicure & Dying my Eyebrows?! Fringe Salon Chicago

Is it spring yet? My theory is that if I just keep painting my nails bright colors and wearing my sandals around the house, it will eventually be spring. So far it’s not working because it’s snowing outside, but you can’t say I’m not trying.

For my birthday I treated myself to a Groupon to get a mani and my eyebrows dyed for only $32 at Fringe Salon in Chicago. I had a lovely experience and was planning on returning when Fringe kindly reached out and asked if I wanted to try one of their two new pedicures. Since my winter feet were looking rough, I was extremely grateful! During spring and summer I normally get two to three pedicures at a salon, especially for the first foot reveal of the season. In between maintenance at home is great, but after seven months in socks, some things need professional help.

Aside from their standard pedicure, Fringe is now offering a moisturizing jelly pedicure and a detoxifying volcano pedicure. I opted for the volcano, which smelled absolutely incredible. Everything was citrus scented and very invigorating.

I normally exclusively wear Cajun Shrimp on my toes but changed things up a bit and went for Mod About You. Cajun Shrimp and Mod About You are by far my two favorite nail polishes. I love them so much because they are universally flattering, which is hard to come by in a nail polish. Some nail polishes have undertones that don’t work with every skin tone, which is why some nudes may make your hands look dead and some corals can make you look like you have jaundice. Not these two.

While I was there, I saw Danielle who had waxed and dyed my eyebrows during my last visit. Below is a picture of my eyebrows the night that I had them dyed. They were a little dark at first but once I had makeup on, I really enjoyed how they looked. They lightened a little after two days and now after 2.5 weeks they’re starting to look back to normal. It was absolute bliss not having to fill in my brows in the morning. Now I’m still only filling in the tail, the front is still pretty strong.

The eyebrow tint dyes the hairs as well as the skin slightly underneath. I would say this service is ideal for special occasions and vacation.