Spring 2019 Nail Trends

As this seemingly never ending Chicago winter slowly fades into spring the sun is starting to make an appearance. People are starting to trade their layers in for sundresses and their boots in for sandals and we are starting to see a shift in all fashion trends. Nail trends are no exception. Here are our top Spring Nail Trends of 2019


Rainbow Pastels






When we think spring those pastels shades start to saturate our mind. This trend takes those shades one step further in a rather playful way. At Fringe we are featuring Zoya’s Innocence collection. Which is a 10 free formula. If you aren’t familiar with 10 free, it is formulated without the top 10 chemicals found in most nail polish. With shades like Birch, a gentle lavender and Agnes, a muted blush these colors are sure to brighten any spring day. With colors this good why choose just one, when you can have them all?



Neutrals have continued to make an appearance. Even celebrities like Meghan Markle are fully embracing the trend (If you didn’t catch her press conference this week- people couldn’t get enough of her stunning neutral manicure). This seasons neutrals are coming in many different colors not just the boring shades of beige we have seen in the past. At Fringe we are bringing in OPI’s Always Bare Collection which features sheer shades of peach, tan, lilac and grey. As well as Zoya’s Bridal Bliss collection that comes in stunning soft neutrals like Grace, a milky baby pink.


Two Tone

The classic French Manicure is a trend we are seeing on the up and up again, but why not take it one step further with these two tone nails. Mix two different polish colors on one nail in various different styles and shapes. Try this trend with two different colors of the same family like two different shades of purple seen above or if you want to go with a bolder look try this this trend in two contrasting colors.


Rounded Natural

You can’t go wrong with these rounded natural nails. They are simple and highlight your nail health. Whatever look is your favorite, well maintained, healthy nails should be the goal of any manicure and that is one our main focuses at Fringe.