A Chicago Esthetician’s Guide to Mask Life

Susan Dechant is the Chicago Esthetician You Need Right Now
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Chicago Esthetician Susan Dechant knows the ins and outs of skincare, perfectly shaped brows, sky-high lashes, and everything else you could possibly want in a beauty specialist. These things are her bread and butter. Her meat and potatoes. The nuts and bolts of her professional core.  

Susan is known to have the fastest hand in the waxing game. In the beauty world, that’s like being the nurse with the best needle stick – you want her on your side, especially if you have low tolerance for pain. 

Susan Dechant: top Chicago esthetician and Maskne fighter

For almost 20 years, Susan has flexed her professional muscle as a top Chicago esthetician by sculpting striking brows, lifting lashes, and bringing out the glow in everyone who puts their face in her expert hands. 

And then, just like that, we all began covering up our faces. Zoom meetings gave us leeway in how much money and time we put into our appearances. The finer details of our quarantine faces were mercifully blurred by the limits of built-in laptop cameras and we all got away with letting our skin get a little…iffy. 

All the while there was Susan, armed and ready for the day when we began to crawl out from our quarantine holes and back into the light. That day has come. 


A Chicago Esthetician’s Guide to #MaskLife: Brow Shaping, At-Home Facials, Lash Lifts, and More

Since the rise of the mask, many of us have encountered new challenges in our daily beauty routines. One marked example is the novel “Maskne” which, as you can probably deduce, is a mask-induced acne that plagues our chin and jawline. Shoutout to all the nurses, caregivers, and other essential workers who wear masks for hours on end each day – that is not easy and neither is removing your masks to find a cluster of new blemishes.

According to Susan, one of the best ways to keep up with your skincare routine these days is a great at-home peel. She recommends the new Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant, which she often uses to prep her clients’ skin before a facial service.  This professional-grade formula goes deeper than a physical exfoliant and has been released for at-home use. Read more about it here! 


Before and After: Revitalizing Your Eyes

You may have noticed yourself communicating with your eyes a lot more often these days. That’s really all we can do with a mask obscuring most of our facial movements! That means you’re going to want those lashes and brows in great shape. They’re gonna be the star of the show until it’s safe to remove our masks.

Susan’s top recommendation is a brow shaping or brown tinting service. She uses a honey-based hard wax, a no-stick option that is typically less painful than soft wax or strip waxes. Her tinting dyes are vegetable-based and last three to four weeks. For clients with sparse brows, Susan recommends the henna dye option for a bigger, more lasting impact. 

Dont’ forget; has a reputation as being the fastest waxer around – just one of the many reasons she is the best Chicago esthetician for your post-quarantine makeover. 

Speaking of makeovers, Susan recently performed a combined brow and lash service to revitalize her client’s above-the-mask zone:




Making the Most of Mask Life

We will be sporting masks for the foreseeable future so why not make the most of it? We can all feel great while doing our part to keep Chicagoans safe. Take care of the skin beneath the mask with Pro-5 Liquid Exfoliant by Glo and other great products we offer, or make an appointment with Susan if you’re ready to make those eyes POP! 

We are open and ready to get you back to feeling your best. Whether you’re heading back to the office or just ready for a refresh, Fringe has you covered.


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